Course Guide development and research insights

I worked on the course guide for Classics 240: Rome: Village to Superpower (a class that I happen to be taking currently). It was without a doubt one of my favorite projects thus far. I was able to get a better sense of the capabilities of libguides, and Claudia and I were able to collaborate with my professor on the project, which was very beneficial because we were able to get an idea of how the guide would be most useful to the class. 

While working on the guide, I learned about two important resources for doing research: encyclopedias and companions. Although I was aware of the existence of the former, I did not realize how detailed they were. Additionally, I discovered that companions can provide more information on specific books or topics. Lastly, I learned more about how to narrow or isolate a particular group of sources by applying different search filters and changing keywords in Catalyst. I am looking forward to incorporating these resources and strategies into future projects for the R&I internship and my classes.

Owen Schuster