Engaged Pedagogy and Reference

Throughout the Bell Hooks reading, I found myself asking the same question: how can the ideas presented about engaged pedagogy in the classroom be applied to the work of the reference and instruction librarians? My initial reaction was that the relationship between the student and reference librarian was in some ways fulfilling some of the goals presented by Hooks, including learning best through an interactive relationship. When a student has a reference appointment or comes to the desk with a question, this starts an active conversion, which should value the knowledge of both parties. At the same time, how could Hook’s ideas about engaged pedagogy be applied to reference librarians who are teaching a one-shot lesson? If the librarian only attends the class for a single session, how can they build an interactive relationship with students? One potential solution could be finding a way to build relationships with reference librarians outside of the one lesson in the classroom, emphasizing the value of making reference appointments.