Reflection on Open Access

For a majority of the term, we have worked on our Open Access project. I did not have much background knowledge of Open Access before this project commenced, so basically everything I learned while researching was new information. Simply learning about the objective of Open Access– providing free and legal access to online scholarship– was one thing that stuck with me because I realized that without the support of an academic institution, it would be extremely costly or just difficult in general to access recent research. Additionally, I learned a lot about the Open Access resources available at Carleton, and one that I found particularly valuable was Hathitrust because almost the instant I began exploring its resources, I found a book that was pertinent to the research I was doing for one of my classes.

To create my part of the video, I used panopto to combine a powerpoint presentation with an audio recording of me narrating the presentation. Clara then integrated my part of the video into her part using a video-production program, which resulted in the video we have with us today. Overall, I am very glad to have been able to learn about Open Access and will certainly remain aware of it in the future!

Owen Schuster