work and classes during a pandemic

Aside from the occasional zoom malfunction and the state of panic that comes with that, I think taking courses remotely has been going pretty well overall. Still, it has been strange doing no more than clicking a few buttons to go from class to class or to work; so, taking classes in-person and in physical spaces is something that I really miss. Also, I definitely had to adjust to the drastically increased reliance on technology, such as learning how to operate zoom and other online resources; it was slightly difficult to do on top of taking classes. That being said, I am glad that we have the technology to be able to take classes during a pandemic, and I have come to appreciate simply “arriving” to a class which always feels like a great success.

After college, I know for certain that I will greatly appreciate any in-person interactions that I have, and I will be far more flexible and willing to deal with obstacles that I encounter. As a final note, I don’t think I will ever forget to check my email in the future because it has been the sole form of communication for classes, assignments, and general updates for the past weeks.

Owen Schuster