Living On-Campus During a Pandemic

Although this is my second term partaking in online classes, this fall has honestly been more challenging than the initial transition to a Zoom-based education. I initially thought returning to campus would improve my educational experience, but being in a physical space with so many memories from before the Pandemic has honestly created a feeling of emptiness. I’m scared that my time at Carleton will never be the same as the first two years and my remaining terms will consist of isolation haunted by the desire to bring back the past. I know I’m not the only one feeling this way and many of my peers have expressed similar concerns. I’ve also experienced numerous technical problems, which have increased the difficulty of this term. Throughout the past few months my computer has had multiple malfunctions and last week it finally refused to turn on (I’m currently writing this post from an ITS computer – thank you Austin for handling my numerous trips to the support desk). 

Even though the term has been challenging, there have also been many positive moments due to being able to see friends again (at least from a distance)! From late-night socially distanced longboard rides with friends to having my housemates dye my hair, I’ve been able to make new memories during these stressful times. Also, I think online classes have improved significantly, since the last term. 

Clara Posner